Posted by Tony on 9/12/2012 12:01:00 AM
It's true. I killed Scott's character off back in June. Well technically... he killed himself off.
I know a lot of you will be shocked and a couple might even be saddened to read that I am mothballing Canny Valley.

It's been a wild ride and I learned a great deal over the course of this project. Specifically about style and form that my life drawings and other art studies simply weren't teaching me. I learned that I do have the will power to stick with something beyond a few weeks. Anyone who knows me well can attest that I struggle with hobby ADD.

Why am I quitting? Well, for one, I've learned that comic art isn't as fulfilling for me as the finer art styles that I got my start in. Producing more lifelike forms of art is simply more appealing to me. I love to consume comic art and I'm sure I'll still do comic style pieces but I want to focus my art in other areas.

Another reason is that since I started the comic I've been almost completely unable to do any game development. I have a passion for development in general that is not being fed. Software development still pays my bills and I need to keep both my skill-set and my passion burning hot. I've not been able to do that since the comic started and that is a problem.

I want to thank everyone who supported Scott and I as we got this started. It was a good run. We accomplished what we set out to do and I have no regrets.

As far as what I will do next? Well... The immediate future holds some game development and a return to my art studies. Long term I really have no idea. I've got a few leads on some illustration projects that I think might be fun. I'm sure I'll be picking up some work there. Only time will tell but one thing is for certain. I got started in art because I had a need to create. That need is as strong as it ever was and it can't be ignored. Keep an eye on my website for updates and I'll look for you on the other side.

Friday's comic will be the last Canny Valley. The site will remain online indefinitely as an archive.
Six Months (and 80 comics)!
Posted by Tony on 9/5/2012 12:01:00 AM
Has it been that long? As much as drawing the comic has become routine for me, it still seems like I'm just getting started. The road has been a little bumpy here and there but for the most part everything has gone as well as I could hope. I've yet to miss a comic and I think the comic has improved quite a bit.

Most importantly to me is that people are seeing the comic. Traffic numbers are up considerably since launch with some days jumping into the tens of thousands of pageviews. That might not seem like much but early comics only pulled in tens of TENS! I owe it all to you guys sharing the comic with yoru friends and family. I really appreciate all of your help.

Please keep sharing the comic and let me know what you like (and don't like) on our Facebook page.
Times they are a changin...
Posted by Tony on 9/3/2012 12:50:00 AM
I'm sad to say that Scott is leaving the comic. That is to say he'll no longer be a direct participant in it's creation. His character will still be a regular attendee to the comedy. However, because I will be the sole generator of said comedy, Scott will more often be the butt of the joke.

Just an update...
Posted by Tony on 8/31/2012 12:01:00 AM
So apparently some folks have missed the blogs. Frankly I have as well. Work has been absolutely insane lately and it's been a struggle just to get the comics done in time. On the other hand, I've been far less dependent on the blogs to inform the comics. I think this has led to better comics over all.

One of the things you've missed out on in my GenCon trip. This was my first out of town convention and I have to say it was tons of fun. At this point there is no doubt that we'll go back next year. We only went for Saturday/Sunday but my boss and I are already thinking we might expand the trip next year.

I got to revisit Shadowrun which was loads of fun. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it back in the day. We also played Pathfinder which I had been wanting to do as well. I liked the Pathfinder system well enough but my heart is for Forgotten Realms so I might find a way to play the Pathfinder ruleset in Faerun. Either that or maybe just some old fashioned 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons.

The MOST fun we had though was a game called Eurorails. It's probably the most fun I've had playing a board game in years. Maybe ever. The basic idea is you have to monopolize the rail system before the other players. It has a slight Monopoly feel to it but lacks all of the things that make Monopoly boring and painful. If you get the chance to check it out I definitely recommend it.

Anyway, hopefully work will calm down and I'll be able to blog more. Until then hopefully the comics will do.
Best Laid Plans
Posted by Tony on 8/17/2012 12:01:00 AM
The site has been updated and will see some more updates in the short term. We'll now show the 5 most recent blog posts below the comic. This means there won't be a blog post with every comic but my metrics tell me most people don't actually read them so I don't think many people will miss a few blog posts.